The Most Beautiful Replicas
Ever Created Of The
Declaration of Independence &
U.S. Constitution

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Each Set Includes Two High Definition Reprints
Of Theodore Ohman's Original Lithographs

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Each document measures 26.75” W x 33.5” H.

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Each document measures 19.25” W x 24.25” H.
Fits in a standard 22” x 28” frame (matte required).

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Hang these beautiful recreations of our nation’s most sacred documents in a place of prominence in your home or office.

Make the statement that you are a proud American patriot and that you hold firm to the same principles of our founding fathers.

Endorsements Of The Ohman Collection

Your restoration of the Declaration of Independence is a very great accomplishment, and we are most happy to have this copy in this Division where many will admire it.

The Library Of Congress

I wish to express to you my appreciation for the splendid restoration of the Declaration of Independence. The work has been done with great care and has been inspired by real patriotic devotion. We are proud to give this restoration a place of honor in Independence Hall.

Independence Hall

I wish the express the gratitude of The National Archives for your reproduction of the Declaration of Independence. It has been given the place of honor in the Exhibition Hall and beside it, I have taken the liberty of placing your letter of presentation.

The National Archives

Theodore Ohman Declaration of Independence. In 1942 master lithographer Ohman created this reproduction DOI in a two-step process: the background is a photo taken of the actual Declaration. Superimposed over this is an image taken from an original Stone engraving of the Declaration.

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